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Month: July 2017 Toronto’s deflating housing sales in 2017, in one chart

  Home sales in Canada’s largest city slowed down for the third month in a row, according to numbers released from the Toronto Real Estate Board. That came as new obtained listings went up 16 per cent, and as active listings surged over the year 2016. The median house price still increased 6.3 per cent on the year, but that’s well off the blistering annual price increase of just a few months ago.   The June numbers delivered further proof that the slew of new measures implemented by the Ontario government in April–from a new foreign purchasers tax to rent

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Month: July 2017 Toronto’s housing market declines in May, 2017, what is next

  After a long period of extraordinary home sales and housing price growth, the Toronto Real Estate Board( TREB) reported that the Greater Toronto Area’s housing market posted the first decline of this year in May, 2017 since a market that’s been hot for at the least the last two years. But will this be a one-month blip, or a turning point followed by falling costs and sales in the coming months? Forecasting real estate market performance is a tricky business. But a closer look at the TREB data seems to provide enough support for a reasonable call – sales

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