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Month: December 2016 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2017

  Toronto, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2017       Ready to sell your house in Central Toronto? For a FREE Market Evaluation Online, visit Please call or text Max Seal, Broker at 647-294-1177 for more information   Toronto, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2017    

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Month: December 2016 How to Make the Real Estate Market Work For You and Get The Most Money

  The real estate is a good investment because they don’t make it anymore. Because the agents are busy these days anyone selling your home may be thinking more of listing more homes than your welfare. If you plan on selling and moving you are required to take some simple steps to get the most money you can.   First you need to get your dwelling ready to show. Purchasers like homes that are clean with as few of your things as is practicable lying around so it’s time to do a spring-cleaning. Some big furniture may expenditure more to move

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Month: December 2016 Avenue Road Church at Roxborough St W, Toronto

  The history of the beautiful ISKCON Temple The Presbyterian Church of the Covenant, subsequently Avenue Road Presbyterian Church, subsequently Avenue Road United Church and later Church of the Nazarene, was a church located on Avenue Road on the northeastern corner of Roxborough Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A number of well known preachers served in its pulpit after it passed out of the hands of the Presbyterian and United Churches, including Charles Templeton of the later Church of the Nazarene and the famous author Aiden Wilson Tozer. Designed by Gordon & Helliwell, the building was originally the Presbyterian Church

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